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Uber to Start Delivering fast Food by Drone in San Diego this Summer

Uber’s plans to start delivering fast food by drone in San Diego this summer are nearly coming to a head, reports Bloomberg Businessweek. The company has been discussing the...

Amazon Warehouse Where Humans and Machines become One

THEY CALL ME the Master of Robots—or at least they should. I grab a flat package, hold its barcode under a red laser dot, and place it on a small orange robot. I hit a...

The Internet Of Things Is Powering The Data-Driven Fourth Industrial Revolution

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is data-driven. And a primary reason for this is the rise of the internet of things (IoT). Connected devices from the consumer level to the...

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EU Publishes New Drone Rules

On 11 June 2019 common European rules on drones, Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 & Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947, have been published to ensure drone operations across Europe are safe and secure. The rules will...

Uber to Unveil Next-generation Volvo Self-driving Car

Uber Technologies Inc on Wednesday will unveil its newest Volvo self-driving car in Washington as it works to eventually deploy vehicles without drivers under some limited conditions. Uber said the new production XC90 will be assembled by Volvo Cars in Sweden and have...

DARPA Challenge: Underground War Robots

We've been vying for the inside scoop on DARPA's latest robotics challenge since it was announced in late 2017. Teams are now getting a taste of what lies ahead in early integration exercises, and one thing's certain: This challenge will take robots where they've...

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