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Disrupt Or Be Disrupted: Seven Steps To Digital Transformation

Whether it’s the internet of things, the connected home, connected cars or mobile-first, an increasing number of industries are making “the leap” — being reborn through digital transformation. In fact, with technology in the home and the continued evolution and ubiquity of smartphones, many traditional companies, some more than 100 years old are transforming through technology.

5G: How will businesses benefit?

5G is the buzzword of the moment and it’s not surprising why. According to Qualcomm, it’s expected to create 22 million new jobs and contribute a $12.3 Trillion economic benefit across the globe by 2035.

As the name suggests, 5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, promising more speed and lower latency. Beyond performance benefits, it’s also set to underpin Industry 4.0 where everything is connected, processed and digitised.

IBM CMO Shares Top 3 Trends In B2B Influencer Marketing

YouTube stars and the Kardashians are not what you’d typically expect to discuss with one of the most sought-after marketers, who spends her days thinking about how to help people better understand how technology will shape our lives.

However, if from my interview with IBM’s Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Michelle Peluso, reinforced one core theme, it is that sometimes your most powerful influencers come from unexpected places.
Your New CIO

Your New CIO

What to Look For…and How to Find It
A Conversation with Gary Erickson

Finding your company’s next CIO is a big task.  It is important to get it right, it is damaging if you get it wrong, and it is unlike most other recruiting challenges, making it that much tougher to find the right person even if you can first figure out who you are looking for.

What to Look For

The right person for any company’s CIO role will have to bring a perfect combination of skills, experience, and personality in three areas:

  1. Insider Champion:  Technical skills aside, you first and foremost need someone with deep industry understanding and insights. This person will understand how the role is critical to success specific to your industry, competitors, partners, future employees, and customers. With that fluency in place, he or she must believe in your company and believe that your reason for existing, your mission, is an important one.
  2. Translator and Culture Fit: A fundamental role of a CIO is to act as the universal translator – to communicate easily and effectively with the technical teams and with upper management. The result is a kind of buffer for the company’s technology investments because the CIO understands the bottom-line business needs and makes technology investment priorities that align with them. When this happens, a culture fit is achieved because shared goals drive what’s important to team members, and that defines culture.
  3. Chief Curiosity Officer: The CIO who encourages out-of-the-box thinking also champions a culture of innovation.  That will hopefully be an inspiration to most team members. It will be a threat for those who need to make a different career choice. The result is a team aligned along the CIO’s vision.

How to Find Your Next CIO

Understanding why the CIO role is critical makes it even more important to focus on how to recruit for the best candidate. Think through the following in determining how your CIO search can succeed:

  1. This is Unique: Acknowledge that, as critical as this role is, it may not be filled in ways you are used to. Posting a job description to ZipRecruiter or LinkedIn and waiting for the right person to show up is probably not reasonable.
  2. You Have Barriers: You need to compare the desire to finding the right person easily against certain realities:
    • The skills set you seek is rare
    • The fact that you are looking is a tip-off to your competitors and confidentiality might be called for
    • You are in a hurry and doing it yourself takes time and, if done improperly, has to be done again with added problems (see the previous two points)
  3. You Have a Track Record:  Sure, you’ve hired some team members who have worked well. But, what about those high-visibility, hard-to-find and expensive hires? You use outside experts (tax, legal, government, real estate and more) because you recognize their expertise is something that will ensure your success. Finding your next CIO is a task for someone who does this regularly.

A Mandate to Attract the Best

Companies dedicated to attracting the best IT talent need the kind of experience and process offered by Executive Search Partners.

Move from a mindset of “filling an open position” to one of “attracting talent.”  The latter requires more of an investment from you. Attracting talent requires great culture, opportunities to grow, ongoing learning, flexibility that encourages a well-rounded person…. plus competitive benefits and salary.

Founder and Managing Partner of Executive Search Partners, Gary Erickson, a former CIO himself, has been helping businesses find senior IT talent for 16 years. 

Global Auto Mobility Offers Readers 36% Discount on IoT Tech Connect Tickets — Meals Included!

DETROIT – If you want to get the latest updates on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Cities and Mobility, you’re going to want to attend IoT Tech Connect on April 29 at the Michigan Science Center. And to help you decide to do so, Global Auto Mobility is offering its readers a 36 percent ticket discount – that includes meals. Really.

IoT Tech Connect offers a panel on Connected and Autonomous Vehicles that features national experts Kirk Steudle (formerly Michigan Department of Transportation Director), Michael Noblett, new president of the American Center for Mobility, Carrie Morton, Deputy Director of MCity at the University of Michigan, and Jeremy McClain, Director of Systems and Technology, Continental North America. 

Another panel focused on Smart Cities includes Barry Einsig, Principal at CAVita, Rebecca Hunter, from Crown Castle, Justin Snowden from the City of Detroit, and Valerie Brugeman, from the Center for Automotive Transportation.

Autoline Founder John McElroy leads a third panel that looks at Automated Highway Systems. Panelists include Einsig, Rajiv Gupta, IoT Partner Support Intel, and Gerry McDonnell, Founder DAVRA. 

In the Mobility track, DBusiness Editor RJ King moderates an electric vehicle panel that includes Daron Gifford, Partner at Plante Moran, Robert Bollinger, CEO of Bollinger Motors (building an electric pickup truck), and Shodit Mere, CEO of Pedestrian (building an electric last mile autonomous delivery vehicle.)

IoT Tech Connect also features panels on how to keep hackers out of IoT, and Connected Vehicles, the future of 3D including in manufacturing lead by Unity Technologies, the world’s largest 3D software developer, as well as tracks to help Entrepreneurs pitch Angel Investors, Create legal marijuana businesses, and promote their companies through social medial. Yet another track features companies involved in the Technology As A Service business. All the tracks can be found at this link:

Global Auto Mobility is offering a 36 percent discount on ticket prices, reducing ticket prices from $125 to just $80. Just specify the number of tickets, and when you go to the shopping cart, enter the discount code grpdisc2019 and the price drops to $80. 

Here’s the link to purchase tickets.

Google’s Wing drones approved to make public deliveries in Australia

Wing, the drone delivery company owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, is launching its first public drone delivery service in Canberra, Australia after the country’s aviation authority granted it regulatory approval. Around 100 homes in the suburbs of Crace, Palmerston, and Franklin will initially have access to the service, but in the coming months the company plans to expand it to homes in Harrison and Gungahlin.

The service works by partnering with local businesses including coffee shops and pharmacies to deliver their products “in minutes.” Wing’s regulatory approval comes with restrictions. Drones will not be allowed to fly over main roads, they will only be allowed to fly between 7am and 8pm on Monday to Friday (or between 8am and 8pm on Sundays), and they will be restricted from flying too close to people. Customers in eligible homes will also be given a safety briefing about interacting with the drones.