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Artificial Intelligence and machine Learning and have been the most discussed amongst other emerging technologies of 2018, adding the extra zing to the coffee breaks of technocrats. With global leaders like Amazon, Google and Microsoft ramping up resources for research in these fields, the trend is definitely not going to dip down anytime soon. In fact, Google is offering free online training to enhance knowledge and build capabilities.

Analysts believe, 2019 is going to be the year for business enterprises who have been waiting to finally get on board to witness a plethora of advancements for their industry. What are the technology disruptions we expect next year? New and innovative uses for machine learning across industries? Impact of artificial intelligence in education? Human and machine interaction evolving further? The rise of AI-powered assistants? This is just the starting of the digital revolution, so let’s educate ourselves on what the mavens of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are predicting for the months ahead.