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If lugging 750-kilogram payloads around warehouse floors isn’t your idea of fun, good news: There’s a new robot that’ll do it for you. Clearpath Robotics — a company founded in 2009 by four University of Waterloo graduates who initially sought to develop a robot that could detect and remove land mines — today announced the Otto 750, a vehicle designed to autonomously transport pallets, racks, and other medium-sized payloads through obstacle-strewn environments.

It joins the Otto 100 (which is designed to carry 100-kilogram loads) and the Otto 1500 (which carries up to 1,500 kilograms) in Clearpath’s product lineup. “We realized [the Otto 750] was a Goldilocks solution,” Clearpath CEO Matt Rendall said in a statement. “Our customers have been asking for something just right for quite a while, and now we finally have it.”